New from Oregon New EXJ series Full Skip or skiptooth
72EXJ 3/8 std .050 gauge
73EXJ 3/8 std .058 gauge
75EXJ 3/8 std .063 gauge

DPX Semi-chisel 3/8 pitch

Rounded corners on cutter teeth

Better for dirty/ muddy logs

Ideal for bucking logs or cutting out stumps

​Sharpens with 7/32" File

72DPX click here .050 3/8

73DPX click here .058 3/8

75DPX click here .063 3/8


​Round ground Full Chisel Full Skip(2 blank spaces) spacing on cutter teeth.

Best for Pine and soft woods

​works well with long bars and smaller

 CC saws.

​Sharpens with 7/32" file

72JGX .050 click here to buy

73JGX .058 Click here to buy

75JGX .063 Click here to buy

72LGX 73LGX 75LGX 3/8 pitch

Round ground full chisel standard teeth sequence also called Full comp

​Best for logging clean wood

​Sharpens with 7/32" File

72LGX .050 click here

73LGX .058 click Here

75LGX .063 click here


best for logging clean timber

20LPX .325 PITCH .050 GAUGE

21LPX .325 PITCH .058 GAUGE

22LPX .325 PITCH .063 GAUGE

CJ square ground full skip

3/8 pitch .050 gauge

3/8 pitch .063 gauge

New from Oregon New EXL PowerCut series    Just in!

72EXL 3/8 std .050 gauge                ​Video above.

73EXL 3/8 std .058 gauge

75EXL 3/8 std .063 gauge

.325 pitch  Oregon Chamfer Chisel.

Best for all around farm use and general firewood cutting.

20BPX .325 pitch .050 gauge

21BPX .325 pitch .058 gauge

22BPX .325 pitch .063 gauge

​Oregon Chain Types

LPX series Professional full chisel

Super 70's series

Extra ramp by depth gauge for added safety. Blued cutters

72LPX 3/8 pitch .050 gauge

73LPX 3/8 pitch .058 gauge

75LPX 3/8 pitch .063 gauge

72APX 3/8 pitch .050 gauge

​good for dirty pine or bucking dirty logs with longer bars

72CL square ground 3/8 pitch ​.050 gauge

​75CL square ground 3/8 pitch .063 gauge

professional square ground full chisel.

Fastest cutting Oregon chain made. 

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